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"Undammed" celebrates the great Buffalo National River on the year of its 50th Anniversary. 

This story of the Buffalo National River promotes responsible use of the park and its great resources.  We also cover the creation, history, and appeal of America’s First National River.  However, we focus mainly on the outdoor activities that bring visitors to the area.  Enthusiasts and athlete interviewees discuss why they choose the Buffalo for floating, backpacking, mountain biking, whitewater SUP boarding, fly fishing, rock climbing and more.  It follows adventurers along their journeys to help immerse viewers in the thrilling experiences the Buffalo has to offer.  


Run time: 50 minutes

"Undammed: A Buffalo River Adventure" is available now at




Bring home the adventure today! 

Josh Ramsey

"We had a blast at the premiere last night!  Awesome job on the film." 

Keith Reeves

"I came to the showing at Fort Smith, but also bought it on Prime to watch at home. Watched the whole thing again today. Makes me want to head to the river soon!"

Claire Williamson

"Epic! We loved seeing all of the different ways folks enjoy the area and learning the history as well.  Beautiful cinematography."

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We like fly fishing and travel if you can't tell. Check out some promotional media as well. :) 

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